8:00a – 5:00p

Exhibitor Set-up

8:00a – 6:00p

Conference and Trade Show Registration
Cyber Café - SSA Membership/State Associations/Products & Services Booth

1:00p – 4:00p


Optional event; requires separate fee.

Keynote Speaker – Richard Barkham, Ph.D - CBRE

Richard is a specialist in macro and real estate economics. He joined CBRE in 2014 as Executive Director and Global Chief Economist. Prior to taking up his position with CBRE Richard was a Director of Research for the Grosvenor Group an international business with circa $10bn of capital under management in real estate. He was also a non-Executive Director of Grosvenor Fund Management where he was involved in fund strategy, risk analysis and capital raising. Richard is the author of two books and numerous academic and industry papers. In 2012 he published ‘Real Estate and Globalisation’ (Wiley Blackwell, Oxford), which explains the impact on real estate markets of the rise of emerging markets such as China and Brazil. He has extensive consulting experience and is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Construction and Project Management at the Bartlett School, University College London. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Reading where he taught, in the Departments of Economics and Land Management, between the years of 1987 and 1998.

4:00p – 6:00p

Young Leaders Group (YLG) Networking Reception

Requires a company membership in SSA and YLG.

5:30p – 6:45p

Chairman’s VIP Reception

Ticketed event; by invitation only.

6:00p – 7:30p

Canadian SSA Reception

7:00a – 5:00p

Conference and Trade Show Registration
Cyber Café - SSA Membership/State Associations/Products & Services Booth

7:00a – 8:30a

Breakfast Buffet and Networking

7:30a – 8:30a

Income-Boosting Sales Techniques for Storage Managers

Presenter: Stacie Maxwell, Universal Storage Group

So, your marketing strategies have made your phone ring or your door open. But that’s only half the battle! Now what? Do you know what to say and to do to close the sale and convert that caller or visitor to a renter or buyer? Self storage sales is not only about leasing units anymore. Find out how you can boost your bottom line with better merchandise sales, ancillary services, and some sure-fire yet easy sales techniques that can get your closing ratio to the 90th percentile! In this session, you will learn:

  • Using Q & A to Give Them What They Need - Even When They Don’t Know What That Is!
  • The 5 Questions Every Customer Asks
  • It’s Not Just What You Say, it’s How You Say It
  • Reading and Displaying Body Language as a Sales Skill
  • How You Never Give Them the Chance to Say No
Self Storage Development: Steel Tariff Impacts

Presenter: Caesar Wright, Mako Steel

The current economic dynamics of steel products. From a builder’s point of view, direct to the developer, this session will review the passing of the recent steel tariffs and its affect on self storage construction. Limited supply and increased demand for steel products has fostered a changing dynamic for builders. Steel manufacturers have increased product costs as well as lead times, creating a need for developers to dial in on their contingency budgets. Ultimately, developers still see the economic potential of developing self storage and this session will provide the knowledge on how to successfully plan during an unprecedented time.

8:00a – 8:30a


This session will help make your first SSA Conference & Trade Show experience not only more enjoyable, but more productive as well. Learn to maneuver through all of the program activities in a timely, efficient manner, so you’ll be able to plan your personal agenda for maximum effectiveness. Then find out how you can put your SSA membership to work for you! Learn about new programs created specifically for owners and operators, new publications, and much more.

8:45a – 10:00a


SSA’s Best Practices Committee Presents:
Leveraging Your Software to Better Communicate with Your Customer

Moderator: Scott Zucker, Self Storage Legal Network

Panelists: Adam Mikkelson, Liberty Investment Properties/My Neighborhood Storage Center (SiteLink); Ed Hainrihar, Amsdell Companies/Compass Self Storage (Yardi); Brad Minsley, 10 Federal (StorEDGE)

This panel will address how electronic communication is improving/streamlining communication between the operator and tenant; reducing costs to the operator; legalities operators need to be aware of

8:45a – 11:30a


Optional event; requires separate fee.

Creating A Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Presenter: Carol Mixon-Krendl, SkilCheck Services, Inc.

Attendees will learn how to create a clear customer experience strategy by learning:

  • How their customer base is changing.
  • What techniques create an emotional connection with customers from their first interaction on the website to the day they move out.
  • The importance of customer feedback and how to respond.
  • How to create a framework for development of successful sales skills.
  • How to increase ROI from delivering a great customer experience.

9:00a – 5:00p

Direct Member Lounge

Membership has its privileges, and we’re rolling out the red carpet for direct members of the national SSA with a comfortable and relaxing lounge where you can sip on a complimentary beverage before visiting the trade show or next session. (Direct Member badge required upon entry.)

10:00a – 10:15a


10:15a – 11:30a


This prestigious honor goes to individuals who have made outstanding contributions not only to SSA but also to the storage industry as a whole. This year we honor Robert “Bob” Francis, The Heron Group and Patrick “Pat” Reilly, Urban Self Storage.


Steve Battista, Former Senior Vice President, Brand, Under Armour, Inc.

Since he joined the former startup as its 19th employee in 2000 as director of corporate communications, Steve helped the Under Armour brand grow from selling four products into a $4.8 billion global business selling 40,000+ products. With many titles during his 17-year tenure, Steve’s primary focus was directing the company’s strong branding and positioning, which inspired athletes of all ages globally through brilliant campaigns that exuded the company’s passionate culture and dedication to authenticity. Steve’s gritty and compelling marketing, such as his award-winning “PROTECT THIS HOUSE,” “CLICK CLACK,” and “I WILL” campaigns, helped propel Under Armour’s rise to become “the sports brand of this generation and the next,” a distinction further substantiated through the company’s partnerships with some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, including Stephen Curry, Jordan Spieth, Michael Phelps, Misty Copeland and Tom Brady.

11:30a – 4:00p


1:30p – 5:00p

Large Owners Council Meeting

For SSA members who own 10 or more facilities and are dues-paying members of the LOC. Reception to follow.

4:00p – 4:15p


4:15p – 5:30p


Just about every self storage topic you can think of will be addressed in small discussion groups led by knowledgeable facilitators. Table-hopping several times during the session offers you a chance to get as much information as possible on a variety of topics. We have 30 topics so select the tables where the discussion will benefit you most! We will ring the bell at regular intervals to allow you to participate in different table discussions.

5:45p – 6:45p

10 Most Common Mistakes in Operations and How to Avoid Them

Presenter: Anne Ballard, Universal Storage Group

The top ten reasons operators call their attorneys when bad things happen. Avoid these common pitfalls and nightmares by taking charge of these critical areas to stay out of your attorney’s office and in front of a judge.

  • Do you know What Your Rental Agreement says
  • Move Them In Right And Avoid Problems Later
  • Your State Lien Law and Timing
  • Is it in your lease? you can’t make up fees
  • Collections Success
  • They Died Now What? or You Terminated Them
  • Lock Down Your Inventory
  • Lease on Every Unit, Especially Free Ones
  • Inspections are Critical
  • Notes Can Save The Day
Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Employees

Presenter: Lisa Knupp, Huntington Partners, Inc.

How can employers stand out from their competitors to attract the industry’s most talented self storage professionals? What are the best ways to remain top performers? Learn the answers to these questions as well as the best hiring practices and how to uncover red flags early on in the interviewing process. Lisa Knupp who is an executive recruiter with Huntington Partners, Inc., has worked in the self storage industry, nationally, since 1998. Her vast knowledge and industry experience will help ensure that your company develops and maintains a talented team.

Innovative Design for New State of the Art Self Storage Facilities

Presenter: Bruce Jordan, Jordan Architects

We will discuss the latest in innovation and design trends for new self storage facilities, self storage conversions and how to separate your facility from the competition. Architectural imaginary for building exteriors, new materials, innovation in management office design, new design for loading areas, covered loading, vertical circulation and create use of building site to maximize design options that will all be discussed. We will discuss multi-story design trends and creative use of site topography to increase building efficiency and enhance access. New innovation and design techniques in user friendly design will be illustrated.

4:45p – 5:45p

Nevada Self Storage Association Meeting/Educational Session

7:00p – 8:15p

NVSSA Annual Legislative Fundraiser

7:00p – 8:15p

Welcome to Las Vegas Reception

7:00a – 3:30p

Conference and Trade Show Registration

7:00a – 5:00p

Cyber Café - SSA Membership/State Associations/Products & Services Booth

7:00a – 8:15a

Breakfast Buffet and Networking

7:30a – 8:30a

Comparing Public Companies for Private Investors & Operators

Presenter: Marc Boorstein, MJ Partners Self Storage Group

Public self storage company comparisons and private operators’ activities including specific portfolio and single asset acquisitions, new developments, and certificate-of-occupancy transactions. Recent earnings analysis including new revenue management and operational initiatives. Examples of actual performance in various regions nationwide including specific revenue growth rates, occupancy levels, net operating income growth rates, and rental rates.

  • Detailed review of the most recent acquisitions and certificate-of-occupancy transactions nationwide by region.
  • Revenue and Net Operating Income performance for markets throughout the country.
  • Specific operational and management initiatives with up-to-date examples.
  • Specific new development metrics, returns, and transactions.
  • Capital market activities and new capital sources including joint venture opportunities.
Mining for Gold – Key Provisions within the 2018 Tax Reform Impact Business Owners

Presenter: Sean Todd, Estate Management Counselors, LLC

Discover these nuggets that could save you tens of thousands in taxes. The impact of the 2018 Tax Reform, the most significant tax reform in 30 years, on business owners is significant. The uninformed are sure to pay more to the IRS. Utilizing key code sections will allow small businesses and their owners to slash their tax obligation – legally. If taxes scare you, this session should not. Presenter will bring the “technical” down to an easy level of understanding. Case study will show true benefit of professional tax planning. Checklists provided.

8:30a – 8:45a


8:45a – 9:45a

Effective Collections

Presenter: Bob Copper, Self Storage 101

While some people are born salespeople, no one was born to collect money, yet maximizing revenues thru effective collections efforts is one of the most important and responsible tasks the self storage manager has to master. In this session we will discuss:

  • When does the collections effort begin?
  • Steps to effective collections
  • Reducing your accounts receivables
  • and more
Customer Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Presenter: Sarah Baker, The Storage Group

Looking for a way to distinguish your storage facility from the competition? Customer Reviews may be exactly what you’re looking for. According to a survey conducted by Bright Local, 88% of the people surveyed trust Online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Online reviews not only help with your community influence, but also will help to boost your online rankings directing more cash flow your way.

8:30a – 9:45a

Canadian Topic Panel Discussions

9:00a – 5:00p

Direct Member Lounge

Membership has its privileges, and we’re rolling out the red carpet for direct members of the national SSA with a comfortable and relaxing lounge where you can sip on a complimentary beverage before visiting the trade show or next session. (Direct Member badge required upon entry.)

9:45a – 10:00a


10:00a – 11:30a


Arlen Nordhagen, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, National Storage Affiliates

Arlen D. Nordhagen is a co-founder of NSA and serves as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Nordhagen has over 25 years of experience in the self storage industry. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of NSA’s predecessor, SecurCare Self Storage, from 1999 to 2013. He co-founded SecurCare in 1988, is the majority owner and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board. In addition to SecurCare, Mr. Nordhagen was a founder of MMM Healthcare, Inc., the largest provider of Medicare Advantage health insurance in Puerto Rico. He has also served as managing member of various private investment funds and held various managerial positions at DuPont (NYSE: DD) and Synthetech, Inc. (NYSE: GRA). Mr. Nordhagen graduated with high distinction from Harvard University with a Masters in Business Administration and graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

11:30a – 4:00p




Culture, Internal Branding and Engagement
Speaker: Guy Middlebrooks, CubeSmart

Come join us to hear from Guy Middlebrooks on how CubeSmart built their brand and culture. How they have communicated it internally and externally and how engagement plays an important role in all that they do.

Requires a company membership in SSA and YLG.

4:15p – 5:15p

Data Analytics and the Revenue Management Process

Presenters: Todd Buese, The William Warren Group/StorQuest
Wenxuan Fan, The William Warren Group/StorQuest

WWG has a unique approach to analyzing data as part of its revenue management program. In this session, we will share with you the data that we collect, how we use that data and what that data does for us in this critical operations function. Many of the tools that the WWG and other large operators use, are available to you as well. For example, unit sales data, call center and website data, length of stay and demographics all go our revenue management decisions. This and other data is then combined into a data warehouse to model and analyze and help us make the best pricing decisions to optimize revenue. We’ll share with you some components of our “secret sauce” to help you better utilize data in making pricing decisions.

The Evolution of the Store Manager

Presenter: Jim Mooney, Jr., Devon Self Storage

This session will take a look at the drastic changes that have occurred in managing a self storage facility over a fairly short period of time. Technology we used even 10 short years ago has changed and evolved out of necessity. The ‘need it now’ mentality vs. the ‘if they build it they will come’ mentality has dramatically changed the way we do business. This session will cover:

  • Yellow pages advertising vs. Google Search
  • Answering Machine vs. Call Center
  • Knuckle Buster vs. credit card software
  • Paper leases vs. eSign documents
  • Facility Managers as caretakers vs. Sales Professionals
Self Storage Market Fundamentals Update & Forecast

Presenter: Jeffrey Adler, Yardi

Based on Yardi Matrix’s database of more than 27,000 properties, we’ll discuss topics related to new supply, sales values, rents and loan maturities-both 2018 results and 2019 forecasts. During this session, we’ll discuss national trends as well as major city trends, for the more than 130 markets that they cover.

5:15p – 5:30p


5:30p – 6:45p


“Live from Vegas: The Self Storage Legal Network’s Legal Power Hour”

Presenters: Carlos Kaslow, Self Storage Legal Network and SSA General Counsel and Scott Zucker, Self Storage Legal Network / Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik P.C.

A Q&A session for owners and managers addressing the latest legal and regulatory developments impacting the self storage industry. Hear two of the nation’s leading self storage legal experts discuss the topics that pertain to you and your business. Our attorneys will be your attorneys and take your questions for as long as time permits. Free legal information brought to you by the Self Storage Legal Network.

5:30p – 6:45p


SSA's Women's Council Presents: Strategies to Advance Your Career in the Storage Sector

Panelists: Alyssa Quill, Moderator, Storage Asset Management; Liz Schlesinger, Carol Shipley, Cornerstone Storage Group; Nancy Martin, Chateau Products; Tamara Fischer, National Storage Affiliates

7:00p – 9:00p

Young Leaders Group (YLG) Offsite Networking Reception

Requires a company membership in SSA and YLG.

7:00a – 8:15a

Breakfast Buffet and Networking

7:00a – 10:00a

SSA Membership/State Associations/Products & Services Booth

7:00a – 10:30a

Cyber Café

7:30a – 8:30a

Real Estate Market Conditions for Self Storage

Presenter: Chris Sonne, CBRE

This presentation will include analyses pertaining to self storage real estate: supply and demand conditions (oversupplied, under-supplied or equilibrium), impact of new construction, trends in rents and occupancy with forecast for the year ahead, cap rate trends, facility sales velocity and investment trends. We also will review long run (15-year trends) for self storage performance (by yields) for both boom and bust cycles (shows how well self storage has out-performed all other sectors). Will also analyze operating expense trends (increases in RE taxes and on-site management, with reductions in off-site management fees).

The ‘Eyes’ Have it When Marketing your Facility

Presenter: Christina Alvino, FineView Marketing

The expression “you eat with your eyes” is certainly true because when a dish is visually appealing, it’s not only more appetizing, but you’re willing to pay a higher price for consumption. The same holds true for customer buying behaviors. Barbara Cocoran said it best, “people shop with their eyes, and then read the details.” Everything a prospective customer sees first influences their buying decision. From your online presentation to your onsite presentation, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In this session we’ll discuss why a visually appealing marketing presentation is key to influencing customers. And what easy, affordable solutions you can implement to have an impact on customers to buy and buy at a higher price. We’ll discuss categories like print materials, website design, onsite signage presentation and much more. In the end we’ll see how it all affects your bottom line.

8:30a – 8:45a


8:45a – 9:45a

Technology Consolidation in Self Storage: What Does it Mean for the Industry?

Presenter: Chuck Gordon, SpareFoot

In this session, Chuck Gordon, CEO of SpareFoot and SiteLink will talk about the future of the industry as we embark on the first innings of consolidation amongst technology vendors. In this presentation, Gordon will talk about the effects of consolidation on owners and operators, employees and consumers. He will also discuss software’s role in bridging the gap between front and back office, mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites, as well as call center and revenue management systems.

Becoming Big Brother: How to Use Google Audiences to Target The Ideal Customer

Presenter: Michael Solms, GoLocal Interactive

According to research, people are spending almost 6 hours per day on their devices. Whether it is a laptop or smartphone, the activity on these devices is being tracked to build a profile about the user. Things such as age, gender, search history, location, and even videos watched can now be used to target people online. For storage, 44% of searches are triggered by someone moving residences. Think of how powerful would it be to target this audience online. Now you can. In this session learn how to harness the power of Google Audiences to reach your ideal storage customers.

9:45a – 10:00a


10:00a – 11:00a


Thanks to our event sponsors